Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Travel Plan Tuesday

Our last vacation to Disney World was just a month ago, in March. However, before we had even left on our vacation, I was already planning our next one! I think a lot of the magic of Disney *for me* is planning the trip - everything from the resort, tickets, ADRs and more! If you ask my husband if I like to plan things, he will just laugh - I LOVE to plan! Thankfully, taking a Disney trip requires a lot of planning.

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Since I am in the beginning stages of planning our next trip, which will be in March 2012, I wanted to share with you the steps that I take to create our magical vacation! Each week I will highlight one thing that I am doing or thinking about for our next trip.

I am going to start with one of the first things most people consider after they decide to take a trip to Disney (or really any vacation for that matter): When to go. Now there are many things to take into consideration when deciding what time of year to go to Disney World. Personal schedule, work, outside temperature, season, holidays are all things to consider.

The past two years, we have gone the same week to Disney World, the end of March. This is Spring Break for some people, but it just fits in perfectly for us for a few reasons. One being: work for me. I work at a university and we have interviews up until the first week in March. Going towards the end of the month ensures I won't miss out on that important time and our "busy" time at work.

Birthday cupcake from Chef Mickey's!

The other major reason we like to go at the end of March is so we can celebrate Nicholas' birthday! He has now been able to celebrate his 2nd and 3rd birthdays in Disney World with Mickey - how magical is that?! We love that we are able to go this time of year and he gets the extra attention that most toddlers love, especially on their birthday!

The time of year we go is when Epcot's Flower and Garden Festival is going on and I love seeing all the beautiful flowers that are in bloom and the fantastic topiary that they create! This time of year is also wonderful weather-wise for us. It's not normally too hot or too cool. Although sometimes at night it can get a little chilly, we just make sure and pack a light jacket in our backpacks and we are fine!

Amazing what they can do with flowers!

Crowds are not too terribly bad the time of year we go, although it really depends on the day and the ride. We do not ride any of the roller coasters, so that cuts down on our wait time considerably.

I'm sure any time of the year is fantastic in Disney, because you are in Disney! I would like to visit at other times of the years, especially Halloween and Christmas to see all the decorations and go to the parties, but for now going in March works perfectly for us.

What time of year do you enjoy going to Disney? What factors do you take into consideration when planning your Disney World trip?



  1. My daughter also spent her 2nd and 3rd birthday at WDW. How special. We are going later in the year this year so we skipped her 4th birthday! I love planning all year too. We have like 160-some days to go and I already printed out all of the 2011 snack credit options and highlighted the ones I want. LOL. I look forward to reading more from you!

  2. That is great! Isn't it wonderful to celebrate a child's birthday at Disney?!

    That sounds just like me - I can't wait until we've actually booked our trip and the calendar is out so I can start planning even more!

    Where did you get the snack credit options list? I have been in search of one so I know the best way to use our credits (this will be our first time using the DDP!).

  3. We love the first bit of September. Everyone else has just gone back to school so crowds are low, most the summer rain has moved through, and there is always a great promotion so staying on property is about as inexpensive as it ever gets! We love FREE DINING!! :D My dream time to go is early December, after Thanksgiving, but before Christmas. Unfortunately my husband's job has that time period blacked out... SOMEDAY!! We are hoping to do a May trip in 2012 to see both Flower and Garden and Star Wars Weekends. My boys are avid Star Wars Fans.

    Email me at Michele.Moore@3DTravelCompany.com and I will send you a copy of the snack list I have. It isn't complete (it always changes) but it is pretty close! And fun to drool over!