Friday, June 3, 2011

{Destination Disney} Kids' Favorite Memories

Last week the topic for Destination Disney over at Reviews and Reflections was your kids' favorite memories of Disney. I had planned on speaking with my son last weekend to find out what his was and write a post on it this week. I did speak with him, but have not had time to write the post. That is why I was so happy to read about Heidi's topic this week: Kids' Favorite Memories at Disney! She was out last week in Disney and a convention so she decided to re-post the topic and I am so happy she did! Now I get to share my little one's favorite memories of Disney :)

My son has been to Disney World twice. The first time was in 2010 for his 2nd birthday and the second time was just this past March for his 3rd birthday. I am not sure he remembers much from his first trip as he slept a lot! But I do know that he remembers some things from our most recent trip. I asked him what his favorite things were at Disney and this is what he told me:

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"Dancing in the Lion King show" - this was one of the highlights for our entire family this past trip! We were on the floor for the show and had such a great time. It's one of our favorite things to do in Disney. On our first trip he slept through the whole show, so this was a new experience for him. He loved everything about it and had a great time. At the end of the show, the performers come up and get a few kids from each section, let them have a musical instrument and go around in a parade. He was chosen to do this and held the ladies hand the entire time while shaking his instrument! I only wish I had a camera that didn't have a flash so I could have gotten pictures!!

I know this is from the parade, but I was not able to take pics in the FOTLK show!

This was really the only thing he said was his favorite. I know he remembers some other things because he will talk about them when the Disney commercials come on or when we see a video on YouTube. He stopped playing the other night and turned and told us he wanted to go see Nemo at Disney World again. We have gone to see the Nemo show both years, but never knew he liked them that much. Although we always play a game to see who can find Nemo first at the beginning when he is swimming around in the bubbles on the side of the stage!

I hope we are able to continue to go to Disney each year and I know his favorites will grow and change as he does. I can't wait to see what his answers are after our next trip - when I know he will be older and able to remember more things!



  1. What a great memory for your little guy. My 5 year old was 2 1/2 on our first trip and he still talks about that trip! It's amazing how much they do remember!

  2. Bubby absolutely loved the Lion King show as well! He still talks about the "jumping monkeys"!