Monday, June 6, 2011

The Hall of Presidents - not just for taking a nap!

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On our last trip to Disney World it was getting really warm and we needed a place to sit, relax and cool off. We were hoping that the kids would take a nap too if they were sitting in a dark room. Our friends suggested we go to The Hall of Presidents. We went into the lobby and it was wonderfully cold in there. We waited just a few minutes before being let in the auditorium. There were so many cool things that I didn't get to check out in the lobby area. Next time we go we will get there early and spend more time checking it all out!

Once in, we found some nice seats towards the back. I wasn't sure what to expect from this show. I was pleasantly surprised though! At first, they play a movie that tells the story of our country, the foundation, the formation of the Constitution and even the Civil War. The Gettysburg address is recited and I always get chills listening to it! After that the curtains are raised and you are looking at all 43 presidents. It really is an amazing sight!

Each former President is introduced, including the current one, Barack Obama. George Washington and President Obama both give wonderful speeches that left me a little teary eyed (although that isn't hard to do!). I think it's amazing that they have all of our presidents in one place - it's really a neat thing to see.

I know a lot of people use this to take a nap, and it's a great place to relax and cool off. But don't write it off as a boring attraction. It's really full of wonderful and amazing history for our country. I think this is definitely a must-do attraction for those with school-aged children to learn more about our Constitution and our country's beginnings and struggles. Neither myself nor my husband are big history buffs, but we both enjoyed this and plan on seeing it again on our next trip!

I highly recommend you seeing this attraction at least once and make sure you come at a time where you can really pay attention and appreciate everything that we are able to enjoy living in this country - including being able to vacation at Disney World!

Have you visited this attraction yet? What did you think about it?



  1. We visit it on every trip. I love the history of it and the whole audio-animatronics thing just amazes me. They are SO realistic!

  2. We kept meaning to see this one, but every time we went by we were in a hurry to be somewhere. I'm putting it on our must do list for next time!