Friday, June 24, 2011

Five on Friday

In the last part of the series I talked about the top Five things that I want to do, but haven't done yet at Hollywood Studios. If you missed out, you can catch up here.

This week I am moving on to Epcot. I love Epcot, but there are several things I haven't had a chance to do yet, that I am looking forward to! It always seems everybody wants to rush through thinking there isn't much to Epcot and it's boring - but to me it's so much fun! There is more to do in a day, if you really go through and take your time.

5. Test Track - I know most people would think we are crazy for never doing this, but we haven't! This would actually be something that my husband and son (when he is tall enough) will enjoy doing!

4. Reflections of China - I think this would be really neat to see. I enjoy learning about different cultures and their history so this would be right up my alley!

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3. The American Adventure - I have heard a lot of good things about this! On our last trip we were going to go, but got distracted by something else instead. I think this would be enjoyable for our family.

2. Gran Fiesta Tour starring the Three Caballeros - we love Donald Duck and think he is hilarious in our family. I think we would enjoy this boat ride, as we like It's a Small World.

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1. National Treasures - I didn't even realize this was here until I began reading more about Epcot. I would love to see this exhibit as I love any type of artifacts involving history.

What are your favorite things to see/do at Epcot?



  1. must do Test Track. The only other one from your list that I've done is the American Adventure. Get there for an early afternoon show and listen to the Voices of America first...awesome stuff....

  2. I absolutely agree with Deej. Check your Times Guide for Voices of Liberty and get there a little early. That will give you time to look at the National Treasures and get a good seat. You want to sit on the floor in the circle of the alcove for the best acoustics.

    Reflections of China is amazing, but one thing to consider... There is no sitting. You have to stand the entire 20 minutes for the show. As a child, I was pretty sure these were designed just to torture my sore feet. :0)