Friday, June 24, 2011

{Destination Disney} Ways to Save for Disney Trips

Thank you for joining me for this week's Destination Disney! Welcome back everyone and a big thank you for those that are new to my blog! Thanks to Heidi from Reviews and Reflections for hosting it!

This week's topic for Destination Disney is Ways to Save for Disney Trips. This is a great topic and I can't wait to hear everybody's creative ways the save! There are actually a few things we do to save for our Disney trips, we've done it for both of our trips and it's worked out great!

*Save our loose change. We have an old, empty baby wipe box that is on my husband's dresser. Every time we have extra change, we add it in the box and when it gets full, we roll it and put it away until our trip. This past year, we ended up with well over $100 in change and that was just from a few months worth! My husband is way better at saving than I am, as I use some change at the vending machine at work. I have cut back on that lately though, so our savings is growing even better now!

* Round up when you balance your checkbook. This has really helped us out as well! You don't realize how much a few cents can add up when you use your debit card/checks several times a day or week. Whenever I add something into my check register, I always debit the next dollar amount up. So if I spent $3.75 on something at the store, then I debit $4.00 even and I just saved .25 cents! I do this with everything that comes out of our accounts - bills, groceries, anything. Sometimes you can even make sure you save some money - now instead of trying to make the gas pump stop at $65 even - I try to stop it at $65.01 so I can save almost a dollar!

* Over budget your bills. This is similar to rounding up when balancing your checkbook, but a little different and can save you even more money! When I am doing my budget and checkbook for the month, I over estimate my bills. Like if my Dish Network bill is going to be $75.83, I budget $80.00 for it, so I have saved almost $5 there! I don't do it with all of my bills, but I do with most of them and it can really help to add up your savings quickly!

* Put any extra money away. If we get birthday/Christmas money or just happen to get extra money for something we weren't expecting we take it and put it up in a hidden spot at our house. I am terrible about spending money if I can get to it easily, so this helps me to not think about it. Since it's hidden, then I don't think about having that money until we need it!

What are some ways that you save for your Disney trips?



  1. What great ideas, Amanda! I like that they are different from mine. I can't wait to read what everyone else has to say. Gee, if we all just put one or two NEW ideas into practice, we might get to go more often! LOL

  2. Great tips! I practice tips 1, 2 and 4!

  3. Awesome tips. I wanted to say hi and let you know I am a new follower!