Monday, June 27, 2011

Something About Me Saturday Blog Hop

***I totally spaced and didn't have time to post this on Saturday, so I am hopping on board now!***

I am so excited to be joining in on the Something About Me Saturday Blog Hop for the first time! I had intended on joining in for the first one last Saturday, but I had something come up and was away from the computer all weekend. I want to give a big thanks to Disney Bird for hosting this blog hop. It's such a great idea for us to all get to know each other even better!

I actually wrote this post early because I am out of town right now! My husband and I, along with his parents, 2 of their friends, his brother and his wife, are enjoying ourselves in Tunica, MS for the weekend. Since we are here, I figured I would share with you my enjoyment of casinos!

Way back, like 5 or 6 years ago, my husbands parents asked us if we wanted to join them in going to Tunica to the casino. Neither one of us had gone to any casino before and his parents had only been to Philadelphia and Biloxi. I was excited to try out something new and fun! We went and stayed at Sam's Town Hotel and Casino and we had a blast! Any time we go, we only stay for a weekend, no longer than 4 days but it's always so much fun.

Since that first time we have been probably close to 10 times, staying at several of the resorts available up there. When we go, we normally only stay at the casinos at night time. During the day, we like to visit the neighboring towns and do some shopping or sightseeing! On our first trip, we went into Memphis and went to Graceland for the first time. It was a fun experience and something everybody should do at least once, I think.

There is a fantastic outlet mall that is close and we love getting great deals. For several years, we would visit Tunica over the Thanksgiving holiday and would rack up on great Christmas presents for everybody on our list at great prices!

One of my favorite memories being there is one year when they did a special for Paula Deen's buffet at Harrah's. They had where you could buy one wristband and eat breakfast, lunch and dinner for one price. It was a fantastic deal and we ate so good that trip! It was all so yummy. We do have one tradition that continues each year - we always go to the Waffle House for a late night treat - coffee and pie!

I will have to say, when we go to the casino we aren't the kind of people who take lots of money and gambles it away. We each take a small amount and play on it all weekend. Once that money is gone, we are done for the trip :) Luckily, we are both fairly good/lucky (depending on how you look at it!) so we have never had any problems with running out of money. Although we have yet to hit it big!

Mostly, we just like to have a good time. It's nice for us to get away and spend some time with my husband's family and have adult time while my son gets to spend special time with my mom.

Thank you for joining me from Disney Bird's Something About Me Saturday Blog Hop!



  1. So glad you could join in this week! I hope you had a fabulous time! We have a casino pretty close to us, but I've only been once to actually gamble. Once my money was gone (which didn't take long at all) I was done. We have been back though for one of the bars outside the actually casino floor. They have great entertainment. They put in a Paula Dean's here last year and we've yet to make it over to try it out. I'll have to make a plan for it though.

    Thanks again for joining!

  2. Your trip sounds wonderful! Late night pie?? Yes please!! :P