Friday, July 15, 2011

Five on Friday

Last week I posted the top five restaurants that I am looking forward to trying out on our next trip to Disney World! If you missed out on the post, you can catch up here.

This week I decided to post the top five snacks that I am looking forward to trying out. We have not eaten very much in Disney World since we stayed off property for our last two trips. Therefore, I have not been able to try many of the delicious things Disney has to offer. I am looking forward to our next trip so I can immerse myself in the Disney food and snacks!

5. Mickey Ice Cream Bar - This one has to make the list, just because it's a classic. What would be better than sitting close to Cinderella's Castle and eating a Mickey Ice Cream bar with my family? Nothing :)

Great way to cool off on a hot day!

4. Beignets - These are one of the main reasons I am considering staying at Port Orleans French Quarter for our next trip. I have always wanted to go to New Orleans and eat some Beignets and I have heard that these are so fantastic - I have to try them out!

3. Starring Rolls cupcake - Any cupcake!! I am a huge cupcake fan and cannot wait to try one of these out. I won't be able to decide which one to try until I get there, and even then I'm sure I will have a hard time picking!

2. Anything from Karamelle-Kuche - I am a big fan of caramel - but put it with chocolate and I am in love! I cannot wait to try out this new shop in Germany and will probably end up spending several of my snack credits here!

1. Dole Whip - I know it - how can I call myself a Disney fan and not have tried one of these, right? Crazy! But our next trip I will definitely be trying this out. My husband does not like pineapple, so it will just be me and my son eating it, but I am looking forward to it! Now all I have to do is decide whether I want to do the traditional Dole Whip or the Dole Whip float?

Looks yummy!

What snacks do you think I should put on my list to try out? What are your favorite snacks?



  1. Good list!! I'm the oddball.. not a Dole Whip fan. it's fine, but I'm a chocolate person, fruit ice cream is just not for me. Oh well. Karamel Kuche is over whelming.. we had a plain chocolate covered caramel apple.. and, while it was beautiful, it wasn't my fave Disney Apple... should have done a salted caramel or something! The others are amazing! I've never tried POFQ beignets, but after living in Louisiana for 5 years, I'll tell you that beignets are amazing.. and don't breathe out while you take a bite!

  2. Try a carrot cake cookie from the Writer's Stop at Hollywood Studios! Oh my word! You won't regret it! As a matter of fact, I'll be doing a post on it soon. Yummy!