Saturday, July 30, 2011

Something About Me Saturday

I missed a few weeks of the Something About Me Saturday blog hop, but I am back at it now! Our weekends are so busy, that sometimes it's hard for me to get a post up. I have been trying to work on them ahead of time, but sometimes it doesn't work out.

I want to say thanks to Disney Bird for hosting this great hop! It really is a fantastic idea and I love reading all these posts and getting to know all of you better!

This week I wanted to let you in on a little secret of mine . . . ok maybe it's not a secret, but I love Twilight! Yes, I am officially a Twilight mom :)

A few years ago, a little after the first movie came out, a friend of mine told me that I needed to read the Twilight series books. I had heard of them before and being the way I am (not wanting to follow the masses) I did not want anything to do with them. She promised I would love them, so I borrowed her books and read all 4 within just a few days. I would stay up until 3 in the morning just to get a little bit more of the story. I fell in love with the writing, the story, the characters - all of it!

Then I bought the movie and it was great to be able to put faces to the characters whom I had grown to love. Of course, I think my favorite casting was for Edward. Yes, I am Team Edward all the way! Since my hubby is half Puerto Rican - and has an aversion to vampires for some reason - he is Team Jacob. When New Moon came out, my friends and I - along with a friend's hubby and mine - went to the midnight show. It was fantastic and had us wanting more already :) Then Eclipse came out last June. I had tickets to go to a wonderful party and see the movie at our local IMAX theater. Unfortunately, I ended up having back surgery just 7 days before the movie was released. But, thanks to my fabulous friends - about a month after my surgery, when I was cleared to leave the house - they took off work and took me to see the movie. It was great!


Now, here we are just a little over 3 months away from Breaking Dawn: Part 1 and I am growing more and more excited! I cannot wait to see what they do with parts of the last book, which seem hard to show in a movie. I am really excited about these last two movies - although very sad to see the series come to an end.

I know that I am inching close to 30 (not there yet, but almost), but I love Young Adult book series' like this one. If you have any recommendations - please let me know! My Kindle and I are always looking for something new to read :)



  1. Amanda, my daughter read the entire series and I've seen the movies with her but haven't had time to read the books... I love the story line! (DD doesn't think the movies live up to the books, though!)

  2. I am a Twilight lover too!! We also love The Hunger Games...just a thought. :0)

  3. I have not given in yet... no books or movies for me on this one. I hear they're good though, so I will probably eventually cave. I'm just not big on the fantasy thing. As Kelly said, Hunger Games is a big right now, too. Everyone is on my to try that series, but I haven't brought myself to jump on board yet. We'll see.

    Oh, and sounds like you have some wonderful friends to have taken off work to take you :-)

  4. Thanks everyone! I have actually read the Hunger Games and love them :) I am really excited to see how the movie plays out.

    Bird - you should definitely read both series! The books are always better than the movies, but it helps to have the visual of the characters as you are reading!