Saturday, July 2, 2011

Something About Me Saturday

Welcome from the Something About Me Saturday Blog Hop! Thanks to DisneyBird for hosting! If you are new here, thank you for joining me and welcome. If you are already a follower - thank you for joining me again!

Last week was my first time to link up with the Something About Me Saturday Blog Hop and I really enjoyed it - even though I was a little late to the party :)

This week I thought I would share with you my love for movies. I absolutely love to watch movies! My husband and I have a very big collection of movies and it grows bigger all the time. I am a part of the Columbia House movie club and have been for years, as well as the Disney Movie Club. I love both of them! Since I have been with them so long, I have "VIP" status and am able to take advantage of great deals.

We also love to rent movies from the local Redbox. This is a great way for us to determine if we like a movie or not - if we do, then we will buy it! Since Redbox is so cheap, then we can rent movies all the time without having to worry about it costing us a fortune if we end up not liking it. There is rarely a week that goes by where we don't rent from Redbox at least once.

Since going out to the movies is so expensive now, we don't do that as often as we used to, but we still do every now and then. This weekend we are actually going out with a group of friends to see Transformers: Dark of the Moon. To keep the cost down at the theater, I usually bring a big purse and bring in our own snacks. We usually get one of the large cokes to split between Nick and I, especially since it includes free refills, which we always get on the way out!

Do you like watching movies? What do you do to keep the cost down at the theater?



  1. My hubby and I love movies also. We're always renting from Redbox, too. We got two tonight, as a matter of fact. We haven't purchased near as many since Redbox, only the ones we really, really like. Movies have gotten a bit too expensive for us to go as often as we'd like also, but I use the same tricks when we do go. This year is an awesome year for movies. If we go to all the ones I want to see we'll be broke by the end of the year! Thanks for joining in on the hop!!

  2. I'm the same about going out to the movies Amanda! I hate how much it costs now! :( It used to not be that bad when I was a student ... but now I'm a full rate adult it's so annoying! I always take my own snacks but I can't resist an Ice Blast that they sell at some cinemas over here :) It's like a slush but not as thick :D But usually I just rent a movie for at home on the weekends! :)

  3. I love going to the movies, we found a cheaper movie theater we love to go to. Even the food isn't expensive there! But it's still expensive enough to not go that often, so most of the time we just rent a dvd.

  4. I love movies! We go almost every weekend, especially in the summer. We saw Transformers Dark of the Moon this weekend too. I liked it a lot better than the second one. :)