Friday, July 22, 2011

Five on Friday

In my Five on Friday post last week, I listed my top five snacks I was looking forward to eating on our next trip to Disney World. If you missed out on the post, you can catch up here.

This week I thought I would post the top five Signature restaurants that I am most looking forward to trying out. My hubby and I are hoping to be able to make it down to Disney for our 10th anniversary (not until 2015) just the two of us, and if we do, we will definitely be checking out these places!

5. California Grill - I think I would like to try this one mostly for the view of the Magic Kingdom! I think it would be so wonderful and romantic (not to mention magical!) to have dinner here overlooking the Magic Kingdom while Wishes were going off!!

4. Le Cellier Steakhouse - I have heard so much about this delicious place - especially the cheddar cheese soup and "Moose" dessert. I would love to try this out soon - although if we are going as a family, it would definitely be for lunch when it's only 1 TS credit!

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3. Artist Point - I think my husband would like this restaurant the most out of all the Signature restaurants. The menu sounds delicious and I love that it changes seasonally!

2. Flying Fish Cafe - This restaurant just sounds like so much fun! Who wouldn't want to have your food made right in front of you? I would love this for the yummy food and the chef interaction for sure!

1. Victoria & Albert's - I think this is a given. If you are talking about the best place to have a romantic meal at Disney, this is the place everybody thinks about. I would love to be able to eat at the Chef's Table here one time - it would be a dream!

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Have you tried any of the Signature restaurants? What are your recommendations for a romantic meal for two?


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  1. I hope you get to experience each and every one of them, especially the Chef's Table! Wouldn't that be nice?!