Thursday, August 18, 2011

Disney Blog Hop: Why I LOVE Disney

Hi and welcome! Today is another edition of the Disney Blog Hop hosted by Babes in Disneyland. I always have a great time reading everyone's posts on the topic each week. A big thanks to Lisa for hosting and coming up with these fabulous topics!

This week's topic is in honor of the D23 Expo - Why I love Disney. Now, this shouldn't be a hard post to write - after all I think all of us love Disney so much. Why else would we have Disney blogs? But it actually took me a little while to figure out exactly how I wanted this post to go. What did I want to write about? About a month ago I did a Top Ten Tuesday post on the reasons that I LOVE Disney - you can check it out here. Of that list, I wanted to talk about one thing in particular: Being able to forget about day to day stresses and responsibilities and just having fun!

I think this is something that everyone who really lets go in Disney World is able to experience. Instead of having to get up early every morning to get ready for work, going in Nicholas' room 2 or 3 times to get him out of bed and ready for school - we both eagerly get up when we are at Disney so we can get to an early ADR! Instead of having to worry about traffic to and from work, we can hop on a bus, or just drive and park close to the park and have a great time! Instead of having to be at work for 9 hours a day and missing out on that special time with Nicholas, my husband and I get to spend 24/7 with him on our vacation! We really enjoy that special bonding time and we always come back from Disney a stronger family :)

When we are in Disney, we don't have to worry about the mundane things of our daily lives. We get to eat cupcakes for breakfast, or skip down Main Street holding hands - and no one thinks anything of us. I can tear up while watching Nicholas get excited and talk to his favorite characters, or have my breath taken away while watching Wishes. All of these reasons, and many many more are why I LOVE Disney so much!

Cupcake for Breakfast - only at Disney :)

Why do you love Disney? What special things make you enjoy your vacation?



  1. so sweet! I got chills reading this!! perfect.

  2. It is all those "little" things, isn't it? The sum total is BIG!! (I love your happy photos :D)

  3. Aww!! You had me choking up! I love Disney for the very same reasons!! :D Love the last pic too - it's so cute! :D

  4. Thank you all! It really is the little things that add up and equal the big picture :)

  5. You said it! And seriously...I can think of no other place where I can relax and really enjoy my family as well as I can at Disney.