Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Vinylmation Craze

When I first saw the Vinylmations, I was not impressed. I thought they were funny looking, odd and I just really didn't understand what they were all about. I saw a few of them in the parks on our first trip and more on our second trip, but I never stopped to take the time and find out what they were and what they represented. However, this all changed a few months ago.

I am part of  Disney Movie Rewards, which is where you collect points for buying certain movies, soundtracks, and even seeing movies in the theater. Each of these things comes with a code, you enter that code in the Disney Movie Rewards and you could then redeem your points for free, neat things! I have gotten my son a ton of great toys and things through this program - saving most of them for smaller Christmas/Birthday or Disney gifts! There is one that I got recently that did not make it to the "give later" box in our extra room. It was a Vinylmation! Lately I have gotten more and more curious as to what they were all about and thought it would be neat to get one and see it up close and personal. They had as one of the prizes a 3 inch Vinylmation from the Toy Story series. I knew this would be a hit with my son, as he loves Toy Story!

Toy Story Series

When it came in, I was so excited! You would have thought it was Christmas time the way I was acting. I tore into it and opened it to see which one we got. You see, they sometimes come as a "surprise" where you know the series, you just don't know which one in the series you will get. We got Lotso! I was really excited as he looks great, even though he is the villian :)


This got me hooked on Vinylmation. I have been researching more about them and trying to learn all I can! I actually just purchased another Toy Story one for my son for Christmas. It took everything I had not to open it and see which one we got! I figure if we get a duplicate, we can just take it with us on our next Disney trip and trade it in!

I am really excited about another set of Vinylmation that is brand new. At the D23 Expo they releaed the Lion King collection and they look so cute. My son is a big fan of Lion King and I know he would like this collection. Since they are releasing The Lion King in 3D in the movies soon, I thought I would get him one of these for when we go watch the movie.

The Lion King Series

I am also thinking about doing a collection for myself, but I haven't decide which one to do. I really like the Bakery series - they are adorable. But I also like the Sea Creatures series - some of those are really awesome!

Bakery Series - Minnie Mouse

Sea Creatures Series - Jellyfish

Do you collection Vinylmations? Have you traded them in at Disney before? Any tips or suggestions you have for me are appreciated as I am new to all this!



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  2. They are addictive! I only have 3 right now but I am looking forward to adding more. :)

  3. I plan to try and collect on our next trip! I am super excited about it! Thanks for sharing this great info..I am glad that I am not the only one that thought they were strange at first...lol.