Friday, August 19, 2011

Five on Friday

Last week I wrote about the top five things I would like to do that are outside of the Disney parks. If you missed out, you can catch up here.

This week I wanted to list the top five countries in Epcot that I would like to explore on our next trip. Epcot has always held a great appeal to me because of the World Showcase. I like to travel, and although I haven't traveled out of the country much, I dream of doing it one day. There are so many beautiful places in the world that I would like to see and visit. The World Showcase allows me to do that in just a simple trip to Disney! These are the countries I would most like to explore more in Epcot:

5. Mexico - I would love to visit this pavilion and check out the artifacts and Mexican history that they have. We have not had the pleasure of checking out this pavilion to it's fullest. I think that the Gran Fiesta Tour ride would be fun to go on as well! Plus, you can't go to Mexico and not get a margarita - so I would have to check out La Cava del Tequila and get something to quench my thirst while listening to Mariachi Cobre!

4. Morocco - I would like to check out all the beautiful mosaics in this pavilion. I also would like to check out the Belly Dancers in the Restaurant Marrakesh - I've always loved how they move, wishing I could move like that too! LOL :) Plus, I am sure I could do plenty of shopping here too!

3. France - I definitely want to eat at Le Chefs de France one day and get to meet Remy! I know the food would be delicious. I would also like to watch the movie Impressions de France - to be able to see more of the country itself. And I know they would have some wonderful smelling perfume that I could try out!

2. Japan - There are many things I want to check out in the fabulous pavilion. The candy lady for one - I have heard that her works of art are amazing! We enjoy eating at our local Japanese restaurants, so I'm sure we would like Teppan Edo. It would be wonderful to enjoy some music from the Japanese taiko drummers and of course I want to check out Pick-a-Pearl and get a beautiful necklace made!

1. Italy - This is the pavilion that I am most fascinated with. If I could pick only one country to travel to - it would be Italy! I want to try out both of the restaurants, as well as the bakeries for something yummy and sweet. I would like to study the architecture more and see the beautiful buildings that they created. And I am sure I could find some beautiful leather item to bring home :)

What is your favorite pavilion in Epcot's World Showcase? What pavilion would you like to explore and learn about more?


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  1. I love World Showcase. I could spend days just strolling around there. The Napoleon in Italy is amazing and the pizza at Via Napoli is other worldly. I have been to Epcot several times but I really never feel like I have enough time there. Good post.